The Four Agreements

Recently I was reading “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom”, a book by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’s an easy read and can be completed in one sitting however the implementation of the four agreements is hard work. What are these four agreements you may ask?

The four agreements are:

Be impeccable with your word

Do not take anything personally

Do not make assumptions

Do your best

My first reaction after reading the book was “well that sounds like it can work and it seems so simple!”. So for the next month, while laying in bed, before getting up to start my day I would try to recall the four agreements and for some reason or another I would forget one or two. I made it a practice, and still do, to recall all four. Since then I have been able to do so and the work has become easier. Again, it’s not easy but definitely worth doing. It frees you from the pitfalls of perceptions and allows for loving a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Who wouldn’t want that!

I will leave it in the the “Little Lending Library” in the clinic waiting room. If you haven’t checked out the little library you can do so and borrow a book to read!

Share a book that has made a positive impact on your life. Maybe we can even start a book club! What am I reading right now? “The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss”…. more on that later.

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