“I want to spend more time with my patients, develop a lifelong relationship, and help people heal.” – Dr. Rizvi

Meet Doc Rizvi

Always thoughtful and thorough, Dr. Rizvi feels that the way medicine is practiced today has become too mechanical. After working as a family medicine doctor for 8 years at a large medical organization, Dr. Rizvi has seen that many patients and physicians are only together because of insurance policies. Since they have no personal connection they don’t often form meaningful relationships, and through experience, Dr. Rizvi has learned that the patient-physician relationship forms the bedrock on which the patient’s health is built. This is why Dr. Rizvi has started her own clinic, to get back to what medicine used to be and not what insurance companies and big-box medical centers think it should be.

Dr. Rizvi is an advocate for your total health and well-being and wants her patients to be proactive in their care. She believes in treating the root cause of her patients’ issues and not just the symptoms, and is not the type of doctor that will throw a pill at the problem. She believes that you should be on the least number of medications necessary to maintain your health. She would like to work with you to achieve the healthiest version of yourself. Dr. Rizvi’s patients tell her that they have never felt so good or been so healthy!

Dr. Rizvi treats everyone from the very young to the elderly. She can perform minor surgery in her clinic and for anything she can’t do she will refer you to a trusted specialist and follow up with that specialist to be sure you’re getting the care you need. She hopes her patients have found a family doctor with whom they can build a lifelong relationship.

Please see the credentials, testimonials, and blog pages for more about Dr. Rizvi.

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