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Office hours are Monday-Thursday from 8AM-5PM and Friday from 8AM-3PM.  Visits by appointment only.

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Benefits of being a patient of Dr. Rizvi’s practice:

Direct Primary Care – the title says it all. Direct access to your doctor. All phone calls, emails, and communications are answered directly by Dr Rizvi. There is no receptionist or phone tree to go through. Your doctor is the person you have a relationship with.

Why Direct Primary Care?

  • Flexibility: Health care can be provided via phone, email and text in addition to traditional office visits.
  • Same or next-day scheduling.
  • Extended office appointments: Non-hurried visits up to one hour in length… that actually start on time.
  • Price transparency: Upfront pricing for all medical needs.
  • Wholesale Pricing: Prescriptions, labs and medical supplies at significant discounts.
  • Unlimited number of office visits, including: check-ups, physicals, sick visits, mental health, chronic health care, office procedures, and women’s health – all with no co-pays.
  • House/work calls may be arranged for individuals who are unable to make it to the clinic.
  • Referrals to specialists and personal follow up with those specialists on your behalf to coordinate care.
  • Businesses who enroll their employees can arrange for Dr. Rizvi to come onsite for regular employee check-ups, saving time and money.
  • Small-business enrollments available. Ask for details.

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Dr. Rizvi decided to leave the traditional model of medical practice to join a refreshing approach to medical care: Direct Primary Care. She does not work for insurance or pharmaceutical companies, she works for you. She believes in spending more time with her patients and taking the time to listen. Her patients are receiving the care they deserve and it is working wonders for their health.

Imagine walking into a clinic and being greeted at the door by your doctor. Imagine having unlimited visits with no per-visit fees/co-pays or insurance hassles.  Imagine being able to call or email your doctor when you have a medical concern and getting an answer at no charge – goodbye Google MD!

Please see the Membership Info page for more about what services Dr. Rizvi offers at her clinic and read this Business Insider article for a good description of the Direct Primary Care movement.

About the clinic:

Dr. Rizvi’s primary care clinic is located in a welcoming craftsman-style home in the heart of the city, located at 1161 Lincoln St., Eugene, OR 97401.

The Clinic

Please see the Clinic page for a little info and some pictures of her practice space.


  • The all-inclusive monthly fee of $85 per adult; $25 per child (17 years old or younger) with an adult member; $50 per child without an adult member gets you unlimited access to your personal physician with no co-pays or hidden costs.
  • New patients/families will be charged a one-time $120 enrollment fee for obtaining health history and transferring medical records.
  • Membership includes significantly discounted medication prices, lab work and imaging  (including Xray, CT, and MRI). The savings on these products and services can sometimes be greater than the cost of the monthly Membership fee!

Please see the Membership Info page for more information.

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“I want to spend more time with my patients, develop a lifelong relationship, and help people heal.” – Dr Rizvi

Meet Doc Rizvi

Always thoughtful and thorough, Dr. Rizvi feels that the way medicine is practiced today has become too mechanical. After working as a family medicine doctor for 8 years at a large medical organization, Dr. Rizvi has seen that many patients and physicians are only together because of insurance policies. Since they have no personal connection they don’t often form meaningful relationships, and through experience, Dr. Rizvi has learned that the patient-physician relationship forms the bedrock on which the patient’s health is built. This is why Dr. Rizvi has started her own clinic, to get back to what medicine used to be and not what insurance companies and big-box medical centers think it should be.

Dr. Rizvi is an advocate for your total health and well-being and wants her patients to be proactive in their care. She believes in treating the root cause of her patients’ issues and not just the symptoms, and is not the type of doctor that will throw a pill at the problem. She believes that you should be on the least number of medications necessary to maintain your health. She would like to work with you to achieve the healthiest version of yourself. Dr. Rizvi’s patients tell her that they have never felt so good or been so healthy!

Dr. Rizvi treats everyone from the very young to the elderly. She can perform minor surgery in her clinic and for anything she can’t do she will refer you to a trusted specialist and follow up with that specialist to be sure you’re getting the care you need. She hopes her patients have found a family doctor with whom they can build a lifelong relationship.

Please see the credentials, testimonials, and blog pages for more about Dr. Rizvi.

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