So much to be thankful for, especially people like you. Thank you for the great care! – J. T.

You are my favorite doctor ever! – T.L.

Dr. Rizvi is amazing and is a great Doctor! She focuses on the core issues of a person and goes for the greatest results to achieve optimum health and success in regards to a better healthy lifestyle, I highly recommend her to anyone! – M.E.

Just had a follow up and I appreciated the fact that she acknowledges the emotional frustration and not getting answers right away. I like that she’s willing to explore the culprit of my symptoms. – C.M.

Dear Dr. Rizvi,

I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to treat me, and truly listen to me, as your patient that day. Your kind and understanding manner stood out to me. I felt cared for, and happy after leaving the clinic. A.G.


Patient surveys:

2/8/2017 Like I’ve said I have the best Dr. I put all my trust in her and I feel great so something’s working well. I couldn’t be happier.
1/29/2017 Dr. Rizvi is always attentive, caring, and thorough.
1/2/2017 Dr. Rizvi is easy to talk to – has a smile – answers all my questions.
1/1/2017 My doctor was very helpful in getting me information for special dietary considerations as well as understanding my preference for alternative health preventative measures. I was very pleased with my visit.
11/28/2016 Dr. Rizvi is an excellent doctor and I’m very happy and blessed that she is my doctor.
11/27/2016 This was the first time we have seen this Dr. and she was amazing. Our regular doctor recently left the clinic so we were assigned to Dr. ___ whom we have not seen yet. Dr. Rizvi was available to see me and I could not have been more pleased. If we hadn’t been assigned to Dr. ___ I would like to have Dr. Rizvi be my Dr.
9/11/2016 She is amazing!!



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