Slow Medicine

I recently came across this term and it really exemplifies the way that I’ve begun to practice medicine. Slowing down during our daily lives is really hard. We go from one activity to the next without much time to be mindful of the events that are happening. Our society values “multitasking” as a skill that all employers seek. Not only do we have to do one thing, we are expected to do many things at the same time and at top speed! It’s time to slow down and take a deep breath.

I have learned so much in the past few weeks. It has been busy! Although with each patient I have had the time to slow down. Having an hour to spend with patients is unheard of in our current medical model. I get to do this everyday. In that time not only do I get to take care of all the medical issues someone has but I learn more about them as people. Who they are, who their families are, what is getting in their way to make them the healthiest versions of themselves. And people are making progress! At each visit we review everyone’s wellness plan and how to keep them healthy as long as possible so that they can enjoy life for the longest period of time. It takes time to heal. To be a healer takes time. And time is a great healer. Slow medicine is the best medicine.

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